I decided to work my way through Jeremy Keith's book, Going Offline, which is about learning to write service workers in modern browsers. It's a great little book which I read last year, but wanted to work through the code examples. But before I could get started I found I didn't have service worker support turned on in my browser. That's because I was using Firefox 68, which I use because I run Debian stable on my laptop.

After switching the flag on and getting into the code, my laptop fan started whirring while debugging... this is about the only process monitor I use these days! So next up is upgrading Firefox to a more recent version with better service worker support, which means turning on unstable packages in Debian. It all works fine of course, because people are amazing at putting together all these packages that work together... but computers don't often remind you that it's strange that they work at all.

Update: ah adding unstable to your sources list turns out to be a bad idea. It seems the best way to run a newer version of firefox is by using flatpak.
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