unicyclic.com as a general purpose Microsub server

I've just finished making some changes to unicyclic.com which improves how it works as a Microsub server. Up until now it piggy-backed a user's Micropub settings and so only worked in very specific circumstances (ie settings stored for websites created with i.haza.website.)

It now works for anyone logging in to unicyclic.com using their website. It will discover and store your token endpoint during log in, so that if the Microsub server receives a token from a reader it knows where to check it. You can then set your Microsub endpoint on your site to https://unicyclic.com/php/microsub.php?me=... and set the me parameter to your web address.

The other change I've made to my Microsub setup is to add another endpoint to notify about new content. I don't do any polling between the client and server and wanted to keep it that way, while also being a little bit more compliant with all the IndieWeb specs. I decided the easiest way to do that is to create a new Microsub action called 'notify', which just passes a notify endpoint from the client back to the server. Now when the server has new content, it posts 'action=notify' to the user's notify endpoint so that the client can request the new content. Any Microsub client can add this action, it will use the client's token to post the request, which means the server needs to hold on to the current token.

i.haza.website has also been updated to follow this new process, so websites created there now only have their token endpoints added to unicyclic.com, which is the same as any other website being used to log in there. If you don't have your own website you can skip all the setup and create one there!
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