Exporting my follow list

I just finished adding OPML export to Dobrado, a.k.a how to get your follow list out of a reader. I've been trying to switch my daily reading habits from my old account on unicyclic.com, to my new website at mblaney.xyz, but the new way of reading is via a Microsub client which has been quite buggy up until now!

I've been using both every day for a few weeks to get the kinks out of the new code, and I'm pretty happy with it. The only thing that was missing was that I hadn't bothered following all the same feeds again, I decided to leave that until I could export them properly from my old account and import them to the new website.

Around the same time I was chatting with Chris, who has a mammoth following page with links to his OPML files. He recently had a go at importing them into unicyclic.com, which didn't get very far, but this was good timing as I was already working on it. There are still a few issues with network requests timing out but I think it's much better.

Dobrado now exports a similar OPML file to what Chris has created, which groups feeds by category. The import function now checks for categories and will use them to create Microsub channels as required.
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I find following the concept challenging. I managed to add one feed under one channel. I assume channel = category.
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